Sloths selected to represent NSW

Published Sun 27 Feb 2022

Sloths Represent!

Congratulations to all Sloths who will be representing New South Wales at the State vs. State Competition at the 2022 Australian Dragon Boat Championship.

Maisie Young (Team Manger)

Diane Dugar (Team Manager)
Chelsi Trajcevski (Drummer)
Harry Woods
Andy Almenara del Solar
Louie Ayong
Jon Hanlon
Andrew Chan

Senior A:
Kerry Bray (Sweep)
Kristi Barrow
Marcio Martins
Andrew Wong

Senior B:
Ross Hyer (Assistant Coach)
Corina Wotherspoon (Team Manager)
Nick Barker-Pendree
Warren Hargreaves

We are proud of you! Let the fur fly!