Social Sloths

Sloths train hard on and off the water and it's heaps of fun.
But after our sessions we like to socialise as well.

  • Every Sunday, we go for brunch after training at Harris.Miller Cafe in Pyrmont.
  • After each regatta we meet up to celebrate our successes at a local pub for a couple of drinks and some food.
  • Regular formal and informal catch ups, team dinners, team festivities.

The Slogie Awards

Every year at the end of our season, we hold our own awards night called the The Slogies.
We dress up and look back at our successes of the season.

2022-2023 Season Slogies Winners

  • Joey Rihari Golden Paddler Award- Emily Dugar
  • President's Award- Erin Gullick, Erin Thomas & Olivia Kapocius
  • The Slogger - Harry Woods
  • Most Improved Male- Alvin Leung
  • Most Improved Female- Olivia Kapocius
  • Female Rookie - Gee Edwards
  • Male Rookie - James Li

"Fun Awards"

  • Vesuvius - Karrin Summerfield
  • Porn Star - Zeus
  • Quote - Emily Dugar, for choice words shared when our mixed crew was forced off course coming out of the final turn in a 2k race
  • Fashion Award - Shine Summerfield
  • Splasher - Andrew AC Chan

Sloths Joey Rihari Golden Paddle Award 

Awarded to the paddler who is most respected by their fellow paddlers for team commitment, mental focus, ability, enthusiasm, & allegiance to the Sporting Primate ideals.

In 2020, we renamed this award to honour our teammate Joey Rihari who, although no longer with us, will never be forgotten.

Awarded To

2022-2023 Emily Dugar
2021-2022 Andy Almenara del Solar
2020-21 Andrew Wong & Jon Hanlon
2019-20 Joey Rihari
2018-19 Jonathan Detjen
2017-18 Marcio Martins
2016-17 Melanie Chung
2015-16 Marcio Martins
2014-15 Ray Curran
2013-14 Jess Ng
2012-13 Marcio Martins
2011-12 Marcio Martins
2010-11 Neil Chandra
2009-10 Lisa Frederick
2008-09 Nicola Binns
2007-08 Tim Binns & Jose Donohoe
2006-07 Rich Addison
2005-06 Matt Frawley
2004-05 Bern Barrett
2003-04 David Hammond
2002-03 Justin Hassall
2001-02 Christopher "Zeus" Alexandrou

Life Members

Life Membership is awarded in recognition of a member’s distinguished service to the Club for over ten years. A Life Member is a member who has had a strong impact on our Club culture, contributed to the development of future generation Sloths and assisted in the running of the Club. 

Awarded To

Chris Frawley
Christopher Alexandrou
David Hammond
Jon Detjen
Marcio Martins
Lynne Donohoe
William Fitzgerald