Awards for Outstanding Sloths

Published Sun 05 Jun 2022

Top honours have been awarded to these Sloths in our annual club awards.  A well earned congratulations to all the winners. Thanks for your contribution to the club !

2021-2022 Season Slogies Winners

Sloths Joey Rihari Golden Paddle: Andy Almenara del Solar

President's Award: Nick Barker-Pendree

Most improved male paddler: Andrew Chan

Most improved female paddler: Joana Garcia

Female rookie of the year: Josephine Lam 

Male rookie of the year:  Matthew Epati

Blackwattle Bay Serial Splasher: Paul Blayney 

The Slogger: Diane Dugar

Porn star Award: Philipp Friedrich

Vesuvius award: Jon Detjen

Sauce King: Harry Woods

Sauce Queen: Emily Dugar

Fashion Award: Shine Summerfield

Quote of the Year: “Not my proudest moment but proud of the guys” - Chen Li