Sloths Tryout for Australia's national team

Published Mon 02 Jan 2023

A whopping 25 Sloths have qualified to tryout for the Auroras, Australia's national team. That's a full 25% of our crew! In the coming month they will paddle against Australia's strongest paddlers with the hope of earning a spot to compete at the 16th World Dragon Boat Championships, to be held in Pattaya, Thailand, from 7 – 13 August 2023

We wish you all the best!!!

Under 24s
Chelsi Trajcevski, Erin Thomas, Olivia Kapocius, Tavishi Makhija, Victoria Macfarlane, Zara McGuire

Andrew AC Chan, Andy Almenara, Chen Li, James Yong, Phil Friedrich

Senior A
Andrew Wong, Jon Hanlon, Kristi Barrow, Matti Epati, Michelle Hall, Rosa Aleni-Frketic

Senior B
Kelly KK Kortlepel, Kerri Francis, Nat Trajcevski, Shona Stewart, Nick Barker-Pendree, Pete Jolly, Rob Frketic

Senior C
Ross Hyer

And a special shout out to Diane Dugar who has been appointed as the team manager of the Senior A squad!