23 Sloths Selected for World Championships

Published Fri 24 Feb 2023

We are excited to announce that 23 of our team members were selected to the Auroras 2023 team. 22 paddlers and 1 team manager will represent Australia at the 16th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships in Pattaya, Thailand this August. 

Congratulations to

💛 U24: Erin, Olivia, Victoria, Zara & Chelsi

💚 Premier: Andy, James, Chen, Andrew & Philipp

💛Senior A: Andrew, Kristi, Jon & Michelle, Diane - Team Manager

💚 Senior B: Shona, Natalie, Nick, Kerri, Kelly, Pete & Robert

💛 Senior C: Ross

We are so proud of all our paddlers who trialled for Auroras, Australia's national dragon boat team. Well done to you all for showing stregth, commitment and drive in the challenging selection process!  

Fantastic effort from all those who stepped up to trial, and send a full boat of Sloths to Thailand